We host three residency programs a year, each lasting between 4 to 8 weeks. We also receive artists all year long to work in private studios for up to 6 months.

For each program, we select a group up to 10 international and local artists, curators and researchers. The group shares working spaces and participates in a number of activities as each one immerse in new or ongoing projects.

During the program public presentations are organized and the residency culminates in an open studio which is an integral part of our program of exhibitions. The exhibition is open to the public for the last days of the residency, during which special visits and presentations are coordinated.

Each program have a guest curator who participates in the selection of the candidates, propose a concept or activities, follows each project, participate in the work meetings and the public presentations. Residents also have the assistance of both a production coordinator and the directors of the project.

The schedule of activities also includes visits to relevant art spaces in Buenos Aires and visits from other educational programs, artists, curators, and critics.

This residency is open to emerging and established artists from a range of disciplines. For artists applying for grants and scholarships in their home country, LID can provide official documents and letters of invitation.

Program duration:
4-8 weeks.

The participants stay in private or shared rooms in our building.

400 square meters shared working space during the programs or private studio for longer visits.

Production/workshop coordinator, program coordinator.

Power and general tools and basic materials.



Please send an email to info@lairadedios.com.ar

  • Sample of previous work (PDF file up to 10 mb)
  • Brief outline of potential concepts to explore during residency period
  • CV

Applications are accepted year-round.