La Ira de Dios is an independent non-profit institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina. LID facilitates artistic exchange and develops the practice of contemporary art through residencies, associations and public programs. Its main objective is to provide a space for experimentation, reflection and exchange between national and international artists and researchers. LID also aspires to generate opportunities for the local scene through the association with international institutions.

LID was founded in 2010 as a gallery space for emerging artists. In 2014 the project moved to an industrial warehouse in search of a more experimental profile. As part of this process, LID began to develop international residency programs.

Since 2010, more than 40 exhibitions were held, and more than 110 artists and researchers from 30 countries participated in our residency programs.

In 2018 LID begins a new stage by moving its residency programs to cheLA, a center for experimentation in art, technology and community based in an old industrial building of rationalist architecture in Parque Patricios. cheLA –an initiative of Fundación EXACTA and the Digital Cultures Program of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)– is a space created to promote creation in art, technology and transdisciplinary research, the incentive of talents and equipment, giving them a space, resources and a joint method of work, integration with the local, international community and the productive field of their neighborhood.

cheLA is establishing itself as an advanced center for the development of the arts of our time, with the aim that technological and artistic possibilities are intermingled with new cultural and social perspectives. La Ira de Dios has the opportunity in cheLA to develop their practice in interaction and dialogue with other projects such as TaMaCo, Móvil, Pedalúdico, Club de Reparadores, among others, promoting the development of residency programs.

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