• Artista: Grace Ndiritu
  • Fecha: Agosto 2014
  • web: www.gracendiritu.com

A Quest For Meaning – Vol. 2 TRASH

Grace Ndiritu

Curated by Carolina Magnin

8 August – 16 August 2014

For the second edition of A Quest For Meaning (AQFM), Ndiritu continues to play with ideas of what the printed photograph means in the 21st century, in a world saturated by global images. As biological citizens, humans have begun to experience a type of sensory overload as never before and, as we attempt to navigate our shared history by trying to locate each image within a linear historical narrative, AQFM Vol.2: Trash asks: what value does the printed (still) image have within the Googlesphere that we inhabit?

By creating a photographic installation made entirely out of disposal photocopied material from the growing digital AQFM encyclopedia, this edition explores notions of time, democracy, spectacle,mass production, environment and ecology and the dirty side of technology i.e. the cloud. It asks with a certain uneasiness and inevitability, What happens if we as humans have reached our limits in being able to create and process a new visual culture? What happens after History ends?